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We can offer full stack engineering solutions.

Embedded Systems

Arduino programming, Raspberry pi, PI, ARM Cortex M, Other SoC.

Mechanical Design

Custom part design, Parametric modelling with Siemens NX, Assemblies with Siemens NX, Design for specific manufacturing processes (casting, milling, forming), Orientation for production over third parties.

Electronics Engineering

Specification elaboration, Schematic design with Eagle, PCB design with Eagle, component research, PCB prototyping.

Web Development

HTML 5, CSS 3, Node JS, Angular2, mySQL, mongoDB.

Software Development

Python, Java, C++, Linux Shell.


3D printing, Laser cut, 2D CNC milling, PCB prototyping, Assemblies.

about us.

We, at Raquena Engineering, are a small dedicated team of hardware and software developers based at the Fablab Berlin and as such can offer a full engineering package.

Whether your company needs something to show at a trade fair, or you want to set up a server, or even need someone to design a molded plastic part of your product, we can come up with a perfect solution.



Raul Quesada Navarro

Electronic and Mechanical Engineer


Moe Alsharif

Embedded Systems Engineer


Niels Poensgen

Web Developer


Ahmed Alsharif

Full-Stack Developer

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